Helicopter leasing

Helicopter leasing is similar to leasing cars, houses, or any other asset. It’s a contractual agreement where one party, the lessor (usually a finance company or leasing company), provides a helicopter to another party, the lessee, for use over a specified time in return for periodic payments.

Why lease a Helicopter instead of buying one?

There are several reasons why companies or individuals might choose to lease a helicopter rather than purchase one.


Helicopters are expensive assets, and the upfront cost of purchasing one can be prohibitive for many individuals or businesses. Leasing can provide a way to access a helicopter without needing such a significant initial investment.

Maintenance and Repair

When you lease a helicopter, the lessor often remains responsible for maintenance and repair, depending on the lease terms. This can significantly reduce the operational costs and logistical burden of helicopter ownership.


Leasing can provide more flexibility than owning. If a company or individual only needs a helicopter for a short period or a specific project, it can be more economical and practical to lease rather than buy.

Up-to-date Models

Leasing also provides the opportunity to use the latest models and technology without selling and buying a new helicopter every few years.

There are various forms of helicopter leasing, including dry leasing (where the lessor provides the helicopter only, and the lessee provides the crew and handles operations) and wet leasing (where the lessor provides the helicopter, entire staff, maintenance, and insurance). 

The specific terms of the lease, including the lease period, the amount of the lease payments, the responsibilities of the lessor and lessee, and the conditions under which the lease can be terminated or renewed, are all set out in the lease agreement.

Helicopter leasing companies

There are several prominent companies globally that are involved in the business of helicopter leasing. Listed below are a few that offers this kind of service.

Milestone Aviation Group

Based in Dublin, Ireland, this GE Capital Aviation Services company is one of the world’s leading helicopter leasing companies. It provides leasing and financing solutions to helicopter operators worldwide.

LCI – Lease Corporation International

LCI is a leading helicopter leasing company with a diverse helicopter fleet. It is based in Dublin, Ireland, but has customers worldwide in emergency medical services, offshore wind, search and rescue, and oil and gas.

Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing

Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing is a full-service helicopter leasing company under the Macquarie Group, an Australian multinational independent investment bank, and financial services company.


HeliDax is a French company and a unique example in military helicopter leasing. They provide helicopters for military training purposes.