Waypoint Leasing

Waypoint Leasing was a company that offered its customers the option to lease a helicopter. The company was acquired by Macquarie Group in 2019.

About the company

Waypoint Leasing was a global helicopter leasing company that provided operating lease and financing solutions to helicopter operators worldwide. Established in 2013, Waypoint Leasing distinguished itself with a strong team of industry professionals that had deep knowledge and technical expertise.

When active, Waypoint’s portfolio included helicopter types suitable for multiple roles, including offshore oil and gas, search and rescue, emergency medical services, police surveillance, mining, and other utility missions.

Their clients included a range of operators in various sectors, from oil and gas industries, medical transport services, search and rescue operations, and more. As a part of its services, Waypoint Leasing also offered comprehensive technical support and fleet management services to its clients.

Macquarie Group acquired Waypoint Leasing and rebranded as “Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing” in 2019, following financial struggles that led to bankruptcy. This change allowed them to continue their work in the field under new economic and managerial leadership.